We have a great collection of useful wheelchair accessories. As we are specialized in wheelchairs, we spent a lot of time to create these accessories to ensure that they will help to improve your daily life quality.

  • Adjustable Headrest

    This Wheelchair Adjustable Headrest is excellent for extra comfort. It is made of aluminium alloy. Adaptable to most of the wheelchair backrest. Height, angle and depth adjustable to suit different user’s height and posture.

  • Battery (Foldawheel-XL PW-1000XL)

    Battery for PW-1000XL weighs only 1.3kg (2.86 lbs) and is able to operate for travel distance 10km (6.2 miles) with a user that weighs 100kg (220lbs).

  • Bottle Holder

    Our bottle holder is durable and easy to clamps onto all of our wheelchair lines. Stay hydrated on the move!

  • Raisable Footrest

    This is an optional raisable footrest for model PW-800AX or PW-777LC. And the price indicated on the right is for a pair of this raisable footrest.

  • Universal Travel Adapter

    This Universal Travel Adapter works worldwide, meaning it works in any country in the world 100V-230V. This is not just a normal universal adapter because it is equipped with 2 USB adapter ports (2.1A and 1.0A) too. If you need to charge your iPhone or iPad, you do need to use the 2.1A port, while other equipment can use the 1.0A port. It is durable and comes with a zipper pouch. Now you can travel with your power wheelchair to anywhere in the world without worrying about voltage differences.
    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • USB Power Adapter

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • Wheelchair LED Light